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Visioning the Future


The Law Of Attraction is based on the idea that “like attracts like.” What we put out to the world is what we will receive. When we accept responsibility for what we draw into our own lives, we can feel empowered to create the life we want to live!

Last week, while cleaning my house, I found myself in my closet staring at an old vision board I made before ALC Mosaic existed, before I even met the parents who are a part of the school today. I was brought to my knees by what I saw. Three years ago, I immersed myself in imagining what it would look like and feel like to be in a school of my dreams. Today I am living this out.

Here is a snapshot of the vision board as a whole:


At first glance, you’ll see kids playing outside, in a tee pee, reading a book, etc. These things of course would happen in a school of my dreams. But a closer look reveals some very interesting things that have been eerily called into my life since making this years ago:

IMG_8127 11147847_535738413246413_7989115126398835676_o (1)

At the time I made this board, I owned a bike that I never rode. Its tires sat flat in my shed. I would not be considered an avid bike enthusiast. Today, our school lobby is filled with bikes. @Charlotte, one of our loved ALFs, has incorporated a love of bikes and the environment into the heart of what this school is.

Next I saw a picture that may seem trivial, but it warmed my heart to see it anyway. For those who were a part of the school in the spring of 2014, you may remember a couple of teen aged girls who were with us for a few months – who loved to draw all over their shoes and jeans. Some kids brought in jeans for them them draw and decorate on with sharpies.


Then I saw a picture that caused me to gasp out loud and yell for Charlotte to come and take a look:


Anyone at school this year is familiar with my box animals. This fall, a parent, Melissa, left a Minecraft Crafting magazine at school. I saw a minecraft pig plush made from felt and helped the kids make these pigs. This has turned into a hobby of mine making all sorts of box plush animals! I have no idea why I would have been drawn to glue down a box picture of a pig all those years ago for a vision of my dream school. This seemingly random detail is quite spectacular in my opinion!

IMG_6501 IMG_7799

The next picture I saw reminds me of this year and the dedicated group of kids in both ALC Mosaic and ALC NYC who love psychology crash course. We’ve been consistently watching and discussing the videos since September each week. There was an episode on the Rorschach test in it, and we even tried some of these tests online.


Another little strange coincidence:


You may not think this is a picture to note as important, but there was a young girl, @libby who enjoyed wearing a beard at school for period of time. I showed this to her last week and she thought this was pretty funny!

There are pictures of kids gardening, playing in sprinklers, reading, writing, maps – all things that I see or have seen be important parts of our school experience. However, these pictures I highlighted sparked me as being slightly unusual things to include in this vision board for a school that hadn’t yet been created.

Re-visiting this board gave me much joy. In the simplest way, it made me smile to think about where I was three years ago, and where I am now. In a deeper way, this helped me to further understand the importance of focusing on what I want to see in the world TODAY so I can attract those experiences to me. 

What’s next? #OneCampus Vision Board. We are looking for our next home, and I am imagining that it will be spectacular!