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I’m a facilitator of learning. I am more than a teacher. I am creating an environment for people to learn.

What does that mean? To me, a facilitator is unobtrusive and not the authority. A facilitator helps a person or group identify a goal and reach it. They do not impose their will or goals upon others. My mission is to work with children and help them find out what brings them happiness and fulfillment. The space I provide is for each individual to pursue their personal interests. As a facilitator, I do not force students to know what I want them to know. I make it easier for them to learn what they want to learn.

I believe in following a life full of passion and desire to explore, think, and feel. I believe in children learning to find their voice so they can be active participants in their own lives. Children need to be appreciated for being children rather than evaluated for what they are supposed to become as adults. I am an advocate for children having a childhood!

This is why I’ve created ALC Mosaic. Human development and education fascinate me and is my absolute passion. After spending equal parts of my career in public and private schools, I long to create a different kind of school. This school is a community where child, teacher, and parents are all connected to create an atmosphere full of joy, peace, and inspiration.

Education is an art to me. It is my canvas. In my experience, no one model or resource fits each child. I am dedicated to allowing each child to develop to their best self. I allow education to be an art form which cannot be easily identified or explained by words. I allow it to incorporate feelings and instinct.

At Mosaic, I continue to learn how to best serve children in the way I believe learning should happen: through experience.

Nancy at The What if…? Conference March 2014