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ALC Mosaic Timeline

  • January 2013: The Mosaic School, LLC is formed. It is a homeschool resource collective, and I met with 5-8ish kids in a homeschool co-op group called “OMschool” on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 10-2pm. The kids were ages 5-10.
  • August 2013: The Mosaic School launches as a K-12 school with 12 students, ages 5-11.
  • November 2013: I’m tired. I feel like I’ve gotten in over my head with this starting a school thing… a lot of great ideas and passion, but the implementation part is really tough. How do we take great intentions and create something sustainable? I travel and see a couple other school communities to try to see what else is out there. I meet Tomis with Agile Learning Centers and feel like everything this group stands for resonates with my ideas of respecting children. I also see they have a structure that feels more grounded in practical tools and supports for children, as well as a sustainable school model as a whole. At least, more of one than what I was currently setting up…
  • January 2014: Art Brock comes down to help re-open Mosaic from winter break. He marvels at the incredible community that has been created and motivates me to double down and re-invest myself in this work. Later this month, Tomis & I commit to plan and launch an Agile Learning Facilitator training program that summer. I want to experience culture creation with the ALFs I met in NYC and to be immersed in Agile myself.
  • March 2014: Tomis flies down to facilitate staff meetings and meet with parents to explain ALC.
  • Summer 2014: We begin operating through Agile SOLEs, a non-profit that Tomis, Arthur, Steve & I serve on. This was a non-profit formerly running Black Mountain SOLE, now we run it to support Self Organizing Learning Environments for all ages. We create DBAs of the organization and allow for fiscal sponsorship to happen for ALC Mosaic.
  • Summer 2014: I attend ALF Summer, along with several parents in the community and facilitators who are offered employment at Mosaic.
  • August 2014: Lacy opens Roots of Mosaic, an early childhood segment of Mosaic.
  • August 2014: We meet with all staff and parents who are available to meet to discuss Do-Acracy. Meaning, we can all feel empowered to work together to create changes we want to see. We create working groups to tackle the most important structural pieces of the school: Finances & Admissions. We encourage anyone else wanting to make changes to create working groups of people that report to the larger community.
  • January 2015: The Mosaic School, LLC officially closes, ALC Mosaic begins. This marks a fundamental change from this being “Nancy’s School” to “A school run by a community of people.” Structurally, the I am no longer the sole proprietor of the school. Lacy, a parent who has been a part of TMS from Jan 2013, joins the board along with myself, Tomis, and Arthur.
  • June 2015: We close out Year 2 as an official school.

Last Updated June 26/2015