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This page features all the blogs that were written from August 2016 – August 2017, year four of ALC Mosaic. 

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2017 Story Writing Intention

January 5, 2017

I believe stories can be the next powerful tool to help normalize self-directed education. I realize that the students at ALC still read books and watch movies where school learning look very different than what we do. They want to play school at ALC, and sometimes, they worry that they aren’t… Read more


Tuck Everlasting ALC Fan Fiction

January 5, 2017

Last year I wrote a fan fiction piece during Writer’s Workshop with the students. I only shared it with a few of the kids, who either loved the story or thought it was very weird. I’m sharing it now to share with the ALC Community my 2017 Story Writing Intention.… Read more


Change up Change Up

January 3, 2017

The title is a sentence, not a repetitive title! The following is a story from our last Change-Up meeting, re-told a couple days later so know it’s from my perspective and memory, and there may be parts I fill in from imagination to make the story flow. An example of… Read more


Spawn Point Vignette

December 6, 2016

Please enjoy a Spawn Point Vignette published in Tipping Points Magazine in December 2016! I have copied and pasted the content below, the format is a lot prettier from the original publication. I walk into the Quiet Room, the home of my Spawn Point, after our clean up time. At… Read more


How Apples Got Their Stars

October 24, 2016

Two weeks ago, Vidya and I went to a “More than Mindfulness” conference at Rainbow Community School in Asheville. Each morning, the kids there start their day with a centering activity, and we got to watch what those were like. The teacher leads an exploration, story, or activity to start… Read more


Roll A Story

October 23, 2016

I gained a week of life after school on Friday! The entire day I thought it was the Friday before Halloween. I carved pumpkins with the kids, thinking this was the last opportunity to do so. I also gave out these fun Roll-A-Story activities, some being Halloween themed and others not… Read more


The Visionary and the Implementer

October 8, 2016

I’ve been having a ton of fun at school! I am really enjoying doing many types of activities with the kids each day. I love getting messy, making things, and facilitating activities for kids to try out.       From top, then left-right: Paint pendulum activity, baking cookies, making… Read more


Tone Setting Camping Trip Vignettes

September 10, 2016

As we drove up highway 85 towards Hanging Rock State Park, I racked my brain for items I may have forgotten to pack. Sunscreen, check. Bathing suit, check. Hiking boots, check. Coffee…uh oh. No check. Hmmmm…oh well. Tomis roasts coffee at home and we have become quite the coffee snobs lately.… Read more


Back to School, Year 4!

August 27, 2016

We started our 4th year of Mosaic on Wednesday, and it feels SO GOOD to be back to school! Actually, it really doesn’t feel like back to school because I’ve seen so many of the kids over the summer. We ended the school year June 17. I took a week… Read more