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Be The Change Check In #2

Last week, I shared about the Be The Change check-in’s that @charlotte holds coherence for and how I never get to attend any meetings! This initiative at school has motivated me to make lifestyle changing goals that I hope will make my carbon footprint in this world a little smaller. I have brought into my awareness this month that I want to also create shareable value from my goals. I have created a “Weekly Sprint” board in our Spawn Point room to make my goals visible to accomplish by the end of the week. (I’d like to state that I’m doing this because I’m motivated to, I have not pushed this on the kids. They can see what I’m up to and engage if they want, but this is not one of those coercive, “do what the adult is doing” kind of things).

Last week, my goal was to make a flier of all the farms that I try to buy meat from. It lists products that one could easily shop for in Charlotte, NC. I handed out the fliers at school for the kids who wanted them. This week my weekly sprint goal was to create a wiki page so others could add information about farms they know to my list. This way we can all be more aware of what labels to look for. It’s easy for me to go to Whole Foods or Healthy Home Market and see “Hickory Nut Gap” and know that this meat comes from a cow that has been pastured throughout its life.

If you live in Charlotte and have a farm you would like to add to this Wiki, please edit the page! I would like to know more about other farms in the area so I can continue educating myself as well.

Humane Meat Buying Guide for Charlotte, NC

If you feel connected to know where your meat comes from, please peruse the page and consider buying from one of these farms.

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