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Wedding Vow


I had the pleasure of marrying @Tomis last Thursday, May 14th, 2015, on my 32nd birthday. I am so grateful to have gotten married at my place of work, with all of the people I see daily. I’m thankful that the kids at school, who have watched the love between Tomis and I grow for many months, could be a part of our day in a fun, relaxed and easy way. I loved inviting them to be a part of our ceremony and preparations and that my husband loves all the kids just as I do. I have never been good at separating my work from my life. My life is my work and and my work is my life…those lines have always been blurry. And now my husband is all up in that mix with me!

For this blog post, I wanted to share what I spoke out loud to Tomis at our ceremony. It was important for me to only make a vow that that resonated with my beliefs about love, abundance, and life. I’m glad I wrote it down (in a google doc, of course) so I can connect with and remember this magical day always – it’s a little glimpse into my 32-year-old brain in this moment.

Reading my vows before the ceremony in the school library.

I’d like to start with quote from The Way of Mastery:


If You Would Know Love, Know Your Self


“Love embraces all things, allows all things, trusts all things, and thereby, transcends all things. Love is never possessive. Love is never fearful. Love is simply Love. Love cannot shine with specialness upon anyone at any time. For specialness, itself, is a contradiction; the attempt to take Love and make it shine only on one object, only on one person, only on one being, only within one universe.


…Love resides within you as the core and the Source of your very being. Therefore, if you would know love, know your Self….Then indeed, Love will flow through you.” [TWOM page 71-2]


I vow to you and our family & friends today to remain rooted in Truth and remembrance of who I am, which is love. Because it was because I knew my Self that I was able magnetize the opportunity to know you in my life. Your dreams are my dreams. We don’t just support each other to pursue our dreams, we share the same dream. This fact alone is something I never knew was possible to have in a relationship. I feel overwhelming joy that we have been able to create this for ourselves. So if knowing my Self and being connected to who I Am brought you to my life, it’s important for me to always take the time to meditate and be still to remember who I am and my dreams in life. I vow to do that and request your support in reminding me to do that if it seems I am losing my way.


“God thinks infinitely, timelessly, patiently, and certainly, above all, God thinks playfully.” [TWOM page 101] This is how I see you thinking and moving through life. It’s what drew me to you so passionately when we met. I was magnetized to you because to think like this is what I desire for my own life. By virtue of just being you, you connect me daily to the infinite game of life – a game that I love to playfully play in with you. I see how to treat others and how you respond from a place of infinite love in every situation the universe provides you. I followed your example and I have become more playful, joyful, and patient myself.


You are perfect love in every way. You support me daily to remember how simple and perfect my life is. I am so thankful to be your wife and to play the infinite game of life with you and to remember always that love is all there is.


I appreciate so greatly all the people who came together to help decorate, set up/clean up, bring food, run errands, provide incredible musical gifts, and share their love and blessings with us on this day. When I get pictures organized I’ll write another entry so I can recap more of amazing contributions people added to our wedding day!