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Intentions & last week’s failure…

Intentions for the week: 

  • Create a mail chimp fundraiser for the school
  • Prep some ideas I’d like to share about school structures at our community meeting
  • Create a clear admissions process with the admissions working group
  • Support Isabella with Fall Festival planning
  • Work with students on designing the perfect school (asking them to create potential schedules they’d like to have at school)
  • Visit Pura Vida with language & international club to see the Dia de los Muertos altar
  • Practice every day on Duolingo
  • Finish translating my 5th grade reader into English
  • Write an update for the Book Club for Punished by Rewards

Last week’s failure: 

I forgot to upload the trello boards for the kids in my small group. And now the boards are deleted. And now one week in the life of ALC for @animalfreak9, @john, @jamesisland, @gabe, @superleaf08, @hermoine are gone.

I feel badly about this and will intend to do this every Friday or remember to ask another ALF for support if I’m unable to (this Friday I left school early to travel to a wedding and did not do the trello updates myself or ask @Charlotte or @dthomasson for help…)


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