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Movie Day Reflection

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Movie Day happened today! One of our students, Nate, added planning a movie day to our “Seeds to Bloom” board (You can read more about what that is in our Tools & Practices forum) a few weeks ago. Today our Movie Day was in full bloom! At the end of the day we congratulated the Movie Planning Committee and held a group reflection of the experience.

First we asked the Movie Planning Committee, “What did you do to make this possible?” They responded: 

  • Met as a group
  • Took notes on a google doc
  • Picked 5 movies to bring to the whole group to vote on
  • Formed a snacks committee to plan out a snack that everyone could eat (GF, no dairy)

Next, I reminded the kids that, just like any person who has experienced success would tell you, it takes lots of failures and do-overs to learn how to get results you want. We all agreed that some things could have gone better, and I reminded them that this is a huge learning opportunity and gift that the Movie Planning Committee has given us. We can all learn what we can do better next time!

When asked what could go better, the response was: 

  • tested movies first
  • made sure we had the right equipment
  • found DVDs for all movies b/c internet isn’t reliable here (Sand lot wouldn’t play correctly and kids had to crowd around Charlotte’s computer instead of watching through Dan’s computer and projector)
  • Tessa added, “I wish people didn’t give things away (parts of the movie).”

Then we celebrated what went well! Those responses: 

  • they liked the movies
  • everyone cooperated on making and eating the snacks
  • making the tickets and giving them out was fun

Then we became movie critics! We learned what that meant and reviewed the movies!

Critiques for The Airbender:

  • “It was good. I recommend it.” – @gabe
  • “It was appropriate and exciting.” – @sassygirl26
  • “I had a reaction to the casting choices.” – @Charlotte
  • “I liked the theme of the four elements.” – @Charlotte

Critiques for The Sandlot:

  • “I liked it because it was exciting and there was a dog.” @animalfreak9
  • “Humorous and great casting of adults, they looked just like how the kids would look when they grew up.” @sassygirl26
  • “I liked the morale of the movie.” @Alonalearning
  • “It was super-realistic.” @dragon



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